Change Capabilities Assessments (Diagnostics)



We apply the latest Diagnostics, Assessments and Planning approaches and tools to help you Roadmap and develop your future fit Change Capabilities for continuous transformations.

The Change Capability Diagnostic tool can be used to assess your organisational ability to adapt to change. This tool provides an assessment of the organisation’s current state of change readiness Change Capability, Maturity, and readiness levels. This helps to identify gaps in capability and capacity and areas of strategic and operational risk.

The purpose of our Change Capability Diagnostics is to help C-suite and Change Leaders understand the impact of change on their operations and plan for successful implementation.

The Change Capability Diagnostics involves three main components:

  • The first component is a survey, which gathers qualitative and quantitative data from stakeholders about the organization’s current state of change readiness. This survey helps to identify areas of improvement and provides a baseline from which to measure progress over time.
  • The second component of the Change Capability Diagnostics is a review of the organization’s current change management Organisational, Leadership and Employee) capabilities (and processes. This review allows the organization to identify gaps and weaknesses in their current change capability and management processes.
  • The third component is a review of the organization’s change management strategy. This review helps to identify areas where the organization can improve its strategy and ensure that it is aligned with the organization’s overall objectives.

The Change Capability Diagnostics provides an effective way to assess an organization’s ability to adapt to change.


By identifying areas of improvement, the organization can make changes that will increase its overall change readiness. Additionally, by reviewing the organization’s current change management processes and strategies, the organization can ensure that it is taking the steps necessary to successfully implement change. This tool can be used by Organisations of all sizes and in all industries to assess their ability to successfully adapt to change.

We use a unique blend of highly qualified and experienced Data Scientists, Industrial Psychologists and Business Strategists to conduct our global surveys. Change Capabilities, with our partners, have conducted over 300 Surveys for large, global organisations.

Our Data Scientists have developed a ‘state of the art’ Web based Dashboard System for insights into multiple views of the survey findings. You can analyse the data by any combination of demographic variable captured in the survey. There is also a unique decision-making tool, based on sound statistical analysis principles, for prioritising interventions.

Our Industrial Psychologists specialise in producing insightful and comprehensive reports based on the survey results that answer the ‘’So What Now?’’ question i.e. We provide strategic insights to organisational challenges, summarising key strengths, opportunities for improvement, and recommended actions to be taken in the short, medium, and long term.

Our advanced technology enables the capturing of survey data and applied statistical techniques for assessing the integrity of the data.

Our Industrial Psychologists design tailor made questionnaires based on strategic objectives of the client. We also use questionnaires accumulated from all our previous surveys. Our Data Scientists also assess the reliability and validity of the questionnaire. Some of the key Change Capability themes are included in our surveys.

Our Survey Dashboard System also has a unique Action Planning component that provides strategic insights, recommendations and action planning for a selected focus area and then monitors the progress of the actions over time.

Our Industrial Psychologists / consultants present the main survey findings


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