Purpose of the Programme

This training programme is designed to help employees develop their change management and resilience skills. Participants will learn how to navigate and adapt to different types of change, including business and personal changes, in a constructive and positive manner. This programme aims to equip employees with the tools and techniques to build their resilience, adaptability and effectiveness in a rapidly changing work environment.

Specific Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the nature of change and its impact on individuals and organisations
  • Develop strategies for managing personal and professional changes
  • Apply change management models and tools to effectively navigate change
  • Build their resilience and emotional intelligence to manage stress and uncertainty
  • Foster a positive mindset and perspective towards change
  • Develop effective communication and collaboration skills to manage change

Benefits of Attendance

  • Develop skills and techniques to navigate personal and professional changes
  • Build resilience and emotional intelligence to manage stress and uncertainty
  • Enhance communication and collaboration skills
  • Foster a positive mindset and perspective towards change
  • Build confidence in managing and adapting to change

Programme Detail / Outline

Understanding Change

  • Types of change and their impact on individuals and organisations
  • The psychology of change
  • How to embrace change and develop a growth mindset

Change Management Models and Tools

  • Change management models and methodologies
  • Implementing effective change management strategies
  • Developing a change management plan

Resilience and Emotional Intelligence

  • Building emotional intelligence and resilience
  • Coping with stress and uncertainty
  • Developing positive self-talk and perspective towards change

Effective Communication and Collaboration Skills

  • Developing communication skills for change management
  • Strategies for collaboration and team building during change
  • Managing resistance to change

Duration and delivery

This delivery of our programme is available online and is designed to accommodate the busy schedules of today’s professionals! 

Don’t get stuck online for eight hours a day! Our Change Management and Resilience (Navigating Business and Personal Change) programme is conducted through several workshops over two weeks. 

The programme is delivered through a flexible combination of self-study and virtual facilitator-led sessions. We use a combination of presentations, “lectures”, case studies, videos, group discussions, and hands-on exercises. Participants will also have access to online resources and materials to support their learning and development.

Upon registration you will receive a link to access the online programme material which you can work through at your own pace. There are four modules, and most participants find that one hour each week is all that is required to keep pace.

In addition, our cohort meets online once each week for a 2-hour for a facilitator-led session. These sessions elevate your learning experience by bringing together the cohort, and the Change Capabilities facilitator / SME, to discuss that week’s module and work through the content collaboratively.