From Change Management to Change Enablement? (Part 1) 

A case for a “Both – And” Approach rather than an Or?

Change is a necessary part of life

It may not be something we like, but it’s something we have to deal with,especially in business 

Organisational Change Management is hot topic, and despite all its efforts McKinsey & Company note that the failure rate is still around 70% 

Change is happening at an even more accelerated rate

20 years ago, large organisations did a reorganisation every 7 years. Today, it’s happening every few months!

The bigger picture is that we are not succeeding fast enough in embracing change in our businesses

So, we need to urgently relook and shift the Change Management jargon

We need to shift from Change Management Process 

to Business Change Enablement Progress

The term “management” implies that something is outside of people’s control and falls under someone else’s sphere of influence – and for most of us, a lack of control triggers anxiety and negativity

So why use “enablement”?  The word enablement, implies giving someone the authority or means to do something

Basically, it’s giving each person the power to influence change and own the change – it’s about treating people as adults

It’s about giving people power to choose, to decide, to see change as an opportunity, to engage and participate in, rather than managing them

In Change Management, a small number of people are responsible for the change.

In Change Enablement, everyone shares a mutual responsibility for the change. 

Top-down messaging is about what’s changing and how it impacts employees. It is transparent, honest, open, and gives company-wide information about ‘why’ change is happening

It provides exciting Focus on what must be done and accelerates adoption

In the next video (Part 2), Stan Horwitz explores some      Key Steps in shifting  

From Change Management to Change Enablement 

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